Just ramblings from someone who lives on a mountain. Into blogging , fishing, watching wildlife, an what ever i find interesting on the web to write about.
My yard is my nature preserve and i work in and on it all the time to attract whatever type of wildlife that wants to visit.

Friday, February 8, 2019

So what's new.

Not a lot, seems the days are slipping by as we ease into spring now. We have dropped about 30 degrees or so since yesterday, it just about made it to 75 yesterday so the drop is noticeable today and with a good stiff wind its really fun outside with the temp just about 40.

Yesterday at least was nice enough to do yard work an other outside stuff. Got some more mowing done and cleaned out a flower bed which really needed it after years of neglect.  None of the flower beds have been taken care of really around here in years so its going to take awhile to get them cleaned up.

Since this was/is a old farm there are a couple of places that were dump sites, these will slowly be cleaned up an the metal taken to recycle where i can make a little money. The rest of the junk will be free recycle or taken to the dump to be gotten rid of.  I am surprised a little on how much metal is around here, most of it is rusting away but its still worth some money.

Next big purchase to be made is for a tractor then we should be done  with the big ticket items i hope.
Personally i need to buy a small car to get around in cheaper than my big truck since gas is still rather high priced, i started driving when gas was less then a quarter  gallon so the price now to me is outrageous.

Not sure what is wrong with this country today but it worries me with the current leadership in congress, i think they all need replaced, but i don't see that ever happening. Of course a person/family could move someplace else, but then the problem is returning if you stay gone to long, about 6 months out of this country an you have a heck of a time getting back in cause countries make it hard for you to leave for some reason that i just don't understand.

I really meant to write daily when i came back in here but i am finding it hard since i moved out of the city to this farm, so much work to do here, lol.

Have a good day.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday already.

Where does the time go.

Been busy the last couple of days with mostly yard work. Got a lot to do around here, mostly clean up after winter.  Of course a lot of things get put on the back burner for winter when it comes to yard work. Then comes the first sign of spring an its time to get to work. With my riding lawnmower down again its even harder to get some things done.
I did manage to get some more blueberry bushes an have them inside till i am sure the cold is over with, and the root system on them is okay since we pulled them out of the ground.

Next step for the farm is getting a tractor, which i will be looking for soon since the sells have started.
Have to decide of course what i want with it. A bush hog is a have too thing, but then i have to weigh down the front end to keep it from doing wheelies on me.
By  the end of the month it will be time to look for more fruit trees to add to the orchard , an maybe more blackberry bushes. Then there is the fig tree to put out, an of course more banana plants since the deer really seemed to like the one that was planted in the orchard since they ate it down to the ground. Have to redo the strawberry beds this year.

Planning on doing a garden this  year if i can get it together to put it in. Have to work on something to try an keep the deer out of it or i want get a lot out of it.

Thats it for now, have a good day.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

T for thursday

Well i just forgot yesterday. Well not really just wasn't anything going on around here and it was to dang cold to do anything.

I guess by now you know G+ will  cease to be around soon.  Really its kinda to bad, i got a invite to it before they made it public an then it seemed great, but it turned downhill after it was made public, that's when i started not to use it to much.
Now all i can think about is how much people will lose when it closes cause everything will be deleted.
Been down that road a few times, Yahoo is a prime example, but the one that was really bad was a blogging site called Multiply, many of us had so much invested in that place in time and work. Of course it was close to the same with Y360.

All the constant changes going on with Facebook makes it hard to stay there but its about the only place like it let. Many people are just tired of settling  in at a new place then getting the rug jerked out from under them.
I did hear a old blogging site is still around an have made some upgrades finally, it was close to going under. Its called Blogster , i was there for awhile but they don't work well with a phone so i had to give it up.
Of course just for talking there is always twitter but you can only do so much there.

Hopefully spring is just around the corner, that's when i will be busy an gone more, lots of work to do on a farm during the warmer months of the year, then there is fishing, camping,hiking, an all the other outdoor stuff to do. After all you can't work all the time, got to take a break from work ever now an then.

A new little grocery store opened up here on top of the mountain, that's nice, now if i need something quick I can get it without driving off the mountain into town.

Well guess that's it for now, have a good day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

So here it is Tuesday.

Yep an not only that, its a cold one too.

Had a little snow this morning, not enough to even talk about since it was no where near what they said we were to get. Thats why i don't really pay attention to those weather people. What i really need to do is when i can i need to go out searching an find me a weather rock an  set me up a place in the yard where i can see it easy. That will solve most of my weather related problems.

Now on to other things going on.

Seems a young fellow out there didn't learn anything growing up home or wasn't  taught. He reheated 5 day old pasta that had been sitting out the whole time and ate it, died from later.  Thats all i will say about that.

Now how about the big measles outbreak in Washington state. Thats something that hasn't been around in a very long time. I don't even know how it got started. The state declared a state of emergency because of it. They have 35 confirmed cases of it, maybe more by now.  NY state has a outbreak too reporting  more than 200 cases.
Now lets see, last year there was nearly 300 cases in 26 states and the DC area.
Remember that disease was elimanated in 2000, so they claim.

And on to other stuff.

Ground hog day is coming up soon. Need to make sure i have my scope sighted in.

Have a good day.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Well its Monday

Yep first day of a new week.

So what are we looking at for this week.  Seems the weather is really looking to turn bad for a couple of days. Its suppose to be very cold, like it already hasn't  been a couple of times so far. They now are saying to just add a little to it that we will have snow coming in tonight and tomorrow but they just aren't sure how much, nice move weather people, one to three inches, still trying  to keep their backsides covered.

Since i had to go to town today anyway i went by the grocery store, it was packed which to me was kinda funny. In some areas i can understand the rush to the grocery store, like if you lived aways from one.
Its not like we get snowed in for weeks, but you never know.

Well that's enough for right now got to go outside an do a couple of things to make sure we are prepared for tomorrow.

Have a good day.

Waiting on the rain an snow, its warm out an slightly dark clouds.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Missed yesterday, lol.

Well i didn't forget yesterday , i am not that old yet. I just got busy in the afternoon an got in late.
A new place opened up in the next little town an we found the ad on Facebook so we got a late start an went over there.

 He sells all kinds of stuff that he gets from a auction house. Mostly its tools an stuff like that, same kind of things you can buy at a place like Lowes, but he sells at half price.  We didn't go to buy anything, just went to look, yea right, found a few things i count pass up an spent a couple of bills. It was mostly stuff for later use, all new. The table/mitre saw i didn't need right now but half price i didn't pass it up, an a couple of other things i passed up cause of the store price but i liked his price.

Really i don't buy anything that's not resalable, or  can't be used in the yards or in the shops. So to me its money well spent.

Looks like a polar vortex intrusion is headed for the  the Great Lakes  area about Tuesday. Suppose to be the most severe outbreak of fridge air in years to move over the upper midwest and great lakes, temps could be 40 degrees below normal.
Now this makes me think, what happened to all that global warming stuff that's still being talked about.  So a good question is,, is global warming real or a hoax. A lot of it has been disproved, seems scientist are saying one thing an politicians an the like are saying something different.

May write more later, for now, have a good day.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Its Friday.

Guess you folks that work are happy now and ready to get on with the weekend.

I was real lazy today an didn't do anything much,, went out an fed the deer an turkeys an that was about it.
Forgot about doing any of my errands cause they weren't that important that they can't be done Saturday. I like being able to put some things off till the next day when i can.

Soon i have to start getting back is shape for hiking.  Hope i have a hiking partner ever once in awhile come spring.  There aren't to many easy hiking trails around me, easy as in flat ground.  Hopefully  i will be able to get pictures taken and posted here , like i can do in facebook. I bet its not as easy.

We are really needing a few dry days around here but i don't see that happening any time soon. Some folks are saying this is the wettest winter they can remember in many years. I see the trees sitting in the water for to long and possibly being uprooted, or just starting to rot. A lot of trees around here are dead or getting that way  from something, but its been that way for several years now.

Well have a good one.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursdays whatever.

Yep another day , damp but not foggy.

I find myself watching  watching more youtube videos more than anything else right now.

The news is getting to boring, same stuff over an over again.  Really i call it news but actually its not, there is no real news anymore. News reporting is a thing of the past at least on tv it is. I get my news online an not from mainstream media. Its a joke today, they all have a agenda to follow an that's all they do today.
Even local news is a joke, what little there is of it being reported anymore. All the news is looking at today is ratings. If it doesn't fit someones agenda an doesn't boost their ratings they don't report it or just do it briefly.

People, Americans, need to wake up an really look at what's going on an happening in this country.
I am tired of hearing all the new laws being passed, you realize laws are added all the time an old outdated ones are never removed. There are 1000's of laws added yearly an the average American has no idea what they all area. No its not just laws from the federal part, states, counties, an cities add many new laws yearly. There is a website  you can find that list many of the laws passed by states, an really some of them are funny as heck, but they never remove any of them no matter how old an out of date they are.

Well lets get off that.

Next month i hope to attend a class on cooking with dutch ovens an other cast iron cooking tools. I have used them before but this class should be interesting an informative. Heck maybe i can learn something new. Its never to late.

The weather has been so bad on this mountain that i rarely see any wildlife in my yard. Nothing is moving out of the woods. Exploring i found a yard full of deer in a protected area, found a rather large flock of turkeys in a yard too. I say large because both of these sitings had at least 20 animals apiece. Evidently no one hunts in this area, maybe because its all privately owned an looks like the homeowners feed them to keep them in their rather big yards.

I kind of wonder if i am missing something. I don't seem to have a decent readership an no comments at all coming in. Could i have something wrong in my settings or something,  Maybe my blogs are just not interesting enough anymore.

Well anyway,,, have a good day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Halfway thru the week.

Well yet another day, a very wet one to up here on the mountain.  It started raining early this morning an hasn't quit all day.

I don't know why i pay attention to the news.
The government doesn't know what they are doing, all they do is argue about simple stuff.  Some wet to protect this country while others are bent on destroying it.
Then there is that northern state heck bent on killing babies just before they are born.

Then there are those people with a agenda, you know who they are. Doesn't matter if they are in the government or just plain people out there somewhere, they want their name or picture in the news for their 15 minutes of fame, glory, or something.

Maybe the world needs a chill pill, or smoke a joint, a stiff drink of 100 proof, they sure need something to calm them down.

As  for me i will just sit on the front porch an watch the rain come down.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Just a morning thought.

Does Blogger have a easy way to search for other blogs to follow. 
I don't think so unless its hidden or i just haven't found a way to do it yet. Its a shame bloggers don't have a easier way to find new blogs to follow, seems that feature has always been missing.
Its another cold morning on the mountain, guess later i will make a run to town for a few things, errands need to be run an its a long drive to get there.

Not sure if i will do any exploring today or not, i may depending on the weather.  Most mornings its so foggy its not all that safe to drive on these mountain roads to early.

Lots of work to do around here but in this cold i will put it off for awhile till there are a few warm days, warm around here being about 50 degrees. Working outside in the 20 to 30 degree range is no fun.  Got a bunch of downed trees that need to be cut up and the small stuff burnt.

Checking on current news makes me glad i live up here away from all the stupid stuff being done out there in the world.  I wonder sometimes what's wrong with people today.

Have a good day.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Whats coming.

I have been asking myself that question lately as i embark on my new life here on the mountain.
I suppose i could spend a lot of time fishing since i have 2 rivers, 2 lakes, and a lot of ponds and streams near me now. I probably will get some fishing in starting this spring.
 Also i have parks near me with thousands of acres of woods close by for hiking and camping, something i intend on once again doing.
 Not sure right now how i will get pictures added in here but it should give me blogging material for a long time.
Wildlife, i got plenty of that around me. Best thing is a whole lot less human company to distract me from the things i would rather do.
Of course i will be doing a lot of exploring around me, so many new small towns an places i have never been to that are waiting for me to check out.
Everyone should grab the opportunity if it comes to them to start a new chapter in their life.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Just thoughts.

Seems while i was gone some things happened,, looks like google+ is going the same way as many other sites, guess no one has a vision of a actual blogging site with bells an whistles.  How many good blogging places were out there,, well there were several,, the first one i thought of was Multiply, maybe not the best name out there but one of the best if not the best blogging site out there. Right up there at the top was Yahoo 360, yahoo had some good blog sites an some corny sites right along with them. Blogger, hmmm , with some work it could be possibly the best blogging site going today.
There is a little known blogging site out there called Blogster, potential is there if theyers for had the money.
Then we get to wordpress an those sites, they are ok, but sometimes hard to work with, esp if you just want to write a simple blog.

Is it to much to ask for , a blogging site set up by bloggers for bloggers.