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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Well its a new year i suppose.

Not much has changed, this year has gotten off to the same start an last year finished..
I really do not have the time or the energy to blog.
Working 58 hours a week is no fun in so many ways.
If an when i get off of all this overtime i do plan on blogging more, here and elsewhere.

I guess everyone knows about the mess with Targets, the big breach that is spreading now. Seems like the latest 'victim' may be Michaels, the big hobby type store. This would i believe be their second time at something like this happening.

We are still having screwed up weather, finally warmed up to above freezing on Saturday, went all week below freezing. Sunday will be close to 50 deg. then the bottom will drop out again for the lows to be in the teens and lower, with the highs not being much better.

While i am thinking about it. There is a picture on my page of a 'cat', so far it has gone unidentified as far as i know. This picture was taken in the wild up in the mountains. The cat has been seen before but no one is sure just what it is.

I am not sure just how to get more readers here in Blogger, seems its a hard thing to do, maybe my settings arent set up right or something. I have been blogging at a small free site called Blogster, its not bad except for some of the people there. Seems the favorite pass time of some people is attacking other people. for one reason or another.

Have a good week.


  1. I totally understand blogging here, Dave. It's like, "Hello! Anybody out there?"

    1. yep, somtimes i wonder if its worth it here, but i will keep trying i guess


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