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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Ramble

Well maybe.
I am ready for spring now , its been winter long enough.

What will spring bring, not just sure about that but i want to get back to doing something i did in the past - geo cacheing, just wish i had someone to go with me cause its more fun with more than one person.

Maybe i will pick up a new hobby,, bigfoot hunting sounds fun. Watching it on tv is a hoot. All the searching being done an no one really sees one, well at least not the ones doing the hunting. The sounds they hear at night probably could be explained away easy enough.

Do i believe in them, not really, i will have to actually see one to believe they are real. Of course i feel the same about UFO's, ghost, etc.. If you have proof they are real show it to me or let me see the thing. Does this make me a skeptic, probably does.

Oh well guess i will have to wait till spring to see what i end up doing.

Come on stock market i dont need you going down now my 401k plan was starting to look good, now i am not to sure about it.

Have a good day.


  1. Happy Monday Dave, so glad the knitted scarf found a good home. Its super cold here in Missouri but not as bad as the upper midwest-thank goodness. I am so ready for spring too-Kathy

  2. I don't have a 401k plan, nor anything. Just SS, which is as good as having nothing.

  3. i just recently got into the 401k plan thing after years of saying no to it, hoping for a little padding for retirement.

  4. Kathy, we got hit yesterday hard, the snow isnt deep but its made a mess everywhere, work is closed today (wed.) cause they decided not to have us take a chance coming in, some areas are worse than others, freeways were nearly shutdown an so were many other roads.


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