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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well i tried.

Posted here a few times over the last week or so and nothing. As far as blogging here its about useless to do it on a regular basis. So with that said i will be coming back every once in awhile to check things out but to post regular i dont think so.
To bad its not more user friendly an easier to check on other blogs out.


  1. Hi Dave, it is hard to know if someone comments or not here-I have it set to be notified through my email-best way for me

  2. I agree with you. Hard to post with my username if I have Firefox. Have to switch to Safari.

    1. River I have to use IE to get in here, Firefox just doesnt work for me here.

  3. I know Kathy but i dont check my email often so thats not a option for me, i was hoping they would make things easier on here but i guess not.


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