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My yard is my nature preserve and i work in and on it all the time to attract whatever type of wildlife that wants to visit. I try hard to keep it critter friendly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Its Sunday middle of Sept.

Seems this year has moved right along an is quickly drawing to a close.

I havent been around much cause i dont like what i have to go thru to use  Google. I just dont like using IE at all but have no choice.

This summer i have been fairly lucky with most of my yard work, i have someone new mowing my yard and its working out good for both of us.
A few weeks ago i noticed i had a few black/yellow garden spiders in the bushes around the backyard. Well now i have a lot of them and i find babies all the time putting their little webs up. I have found 5 adults that i am sure of, sometimes its hard to keep track of them cause they will move their webs (homes) to other places.
This is the first time in years i have seen them so i am being protective of them, no messing with them , no disturbing them if at all possible.

Some things are missing this year so far. No owl, i got use to hearing him every few nights but so far this summer nothing. Also gone is the hawk that stayed around here, since there arent many rabbits around i suspect his hunting grounds have moved.

I am really going to try an post in here more often, since Multiply went down i moved to a blogging place called Blogster. Its a rather small blogging platform, much smaller than what i am use to but its user friendly an very social. Of course being small and free it has its problems but nothing i havent expected.

Well i suppose thats about it for today, i really need to get up an get busy doing a few things this morning. Have a good day.

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