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Monday, August 13, 2012

Just some news

Now about Multiply, it's imploding fast and I predict we have alot less time then Dec. 1. The Indonesians are deleting their seller accounts in a show of solidarity at the bloggers being turfed because in over 4000 comments on the staff blog, they've insisted they need the bloggers but Naspers isn't listening. The CEO has closed his multiply page and tweeted that he's "laying low" as this whole thing blows up in his face. The government of the Phillipines, after Multiply's big coming out party, announced that all online sellers in that country must now register with their IRS and become licensed, issue electronic receipts and pay taxes. It doesn't look like the wonder boy CEO from South Africa did his homework. Me, I've been forwarding everything to the media sources that have share links for Multiply. Stef, the CEO, also issued a tweet in which he basically referred to Americans as being stupid after sucking millions if not billions of dollars out of them inpremiumaccountsandcorporate advertizing. This Naspers CEO didn't do his homework and I hope people are backing things up right now.

There are also legal issues that the new CEO didn't take into consideration like the contractual promise in the original TOS that it would be a forever place to store group information. Also, TOS states that we give Multiply the right to use any of our works, photos etc, royalty free and grant this to their subsidiaries as well. However, they are in breach of contract with the sudden announcement of closing and have rendered their own TOS null and void and have opened themselves up to a litany of possible legal actions should they use or destroy any information posted by members. Now, as to premium accounts, before he went into hiding, the CEO stated that people could get refunds of "unused portions" by contacting CS. However people are reporting that they have not received answers from CS in over a month.

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